A Trip Around Newborough Forest

It’s been a while since I first posted to this blog – best intentions and all that. However, I’ll try to do better going forward.

I spend a lot of time in Anglesey and it’s a place with much to offer. I’ll cover some of the sailing in the summer, once the action starts. In the meantime, I thought I’d share details of a c.25 mile ride that starts and ends at the bridge in Aberffraw, and takes in some pleasant quiet lanes as well as a circuit of Newborough Forest.

This trip around Newborough Forest is relatively relaxed, without much in terms of climbs. You’ll need a mountain bike for some of the forest tracks. However, it’s a good way to earn a good meal and a couple of pints once done.

On this route, you will:

Avoid the traffic queues going in and out of Newborough Forest by parking just outside Aberffraw at Aberffraw Bridge

Take in some great views of the Mennai Straits, the Llyn Peninsula and Snowdonia

Have the opportunity to stop for a cup of tea and a bite to eat at the cafe in Newborough Forest (about half way)

Be able to take some time out on the sandy beach at Newborough Forest, which is good for kite surfing

Be able to go around Ynys Llanddwyn (Llanddwyn Island)

I hope you enjoy this route.

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