Looking Forward – Resolutions for 2015

2014 is all done and 2015 is yet to happen!


What a fantastic year we leave behind us with all of the ice bucket challenges, drinks of Champagne, wine rack replenishments and the like.  What an even more fantastic year lies before us, with the backlog of things we wished we had done in 2014 but didn’t and the new challenges we have yet to set!  It is therefore appropriate that, in keeping with tradition, we all make our resolutions for the forthcoming year.  Me included.

With these factors in mind I have considered the art of the possible and have settled upon three main personal goals for 2015, namely:

  1. To compete in a world class sailing event.
  2. To complete one of the longest (and toughest) cycle rides in the UK.
  3. To work out how to get my GoPro Hero4 to work,

I’ve made reasonable progress with my plans (at least so far as my first two challenges are concerned) and hopefully they will come to fruition….

The world class sailing event is none other than the RORC Caribbean 600 that we are completing in a rather modest vessel called Windfall. I fly out to Antigua on 20 February – can’t wait.

The pinnacle of my cycling rides for the year is the Wiggle Dragon Ride on 7 June which is one of the longest and toughest cycle rides in the UK.  Before that, I’ve got a couple of modest training rides to do in the form of the Lionheart Sportive on 22 March and the London Cycle Sportive on 10 May.

So far as my GoPro is concerned, whilst I am still reading the manual, I am sure I’ll be able to emulate Steven Spielberg, if only in my own way by the time it matters.  A time-lapse movie in Tearddur Bay is on the horizon.

Oh! And I’m going to do a mountain bike ride to the summit of Snowdon too!  That is, of course, if John Jones of Classic Sailboats comes up with  the route and we both find the time to do it!

Watch this space as 2015 unfolds.  It should be a good one and I’m up for it too.

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