Windfall: Pre-race practice

A quick update on our RORC Caribbean 600 2015 campaign aboard Windfall … more will follow after the race.


By way of an introduction, the flight over from London to Antigua was pretty uneventful, other than for one of our party who turned up at the airport with his son’s passport by mistake and, consequently, had to delay his outbound flight by 24 hours!

Quite a lot of email banter occurred between the various members of Winfall’s crew over the days leading up to the trip and this continued during the course of Friday into the early hours of Saturday. Whilst I had not met several members of our crew by this time, the email banter served to confirm that there are some significant personalities on board!

Should be good fun trip I thought to myself.

So far as the sailing is concerned, we went out for a practice sail yesterday that was great fun.   Here’s a short movie of our day out.

Follow the race here: RORC Caribbean 600 2015

One comment

  1. Mike Davy · · Reply

    Richard. I envy you ! Safe passage for you and your crew- mates aboard Windfall. Mike D

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