A month into “life beyond” and how does it feel?

It’s been a month to the day since I left Deloitte and it’s time to reflect, methinks.


May was an interesting month.

I had the great pleasure of inviting many of my Partners – past, present and future – to a fantastic evening on 19 May 2015 at my favourite restaurant in London – E&O on Blenheim Crescent – to celebrate my retirement from the Firm I first joined when it was called Spicer & Oppenheim (now Deloitte) in 1988.  It was a most rewarding evening and I was so flattered to enjoy the company – apparently in my honour – of so many good work colleagues, friends, fellow sailors and family. The staff at the restaurant, many of whom I consider also to be my friends, looked after us all very well.

It was a really pleasant evening, with a number of memorable points, including:

  • Quotes such as “The wine must have been good because I didn’t have a hangover the following morning”
  • It was good to see that those who arrived first, most notably “Stroppy Spice” (for those in the know), left last
  • I’m pleased that we could sit down at a table at one of the retirement events we went to this year
  • The Smythson briefcase that the Firm kindly gave to me and for which I am grateful

However, the big thing for me was that there were so many of my nearest and dearest who chose to give up one of their evenings and to join me to recognise a career that has brought so much substance and so many experiences to my life.  This would not have been possible without any of those who were with me that night.

I thank you all for making me feel so special and I wish you all well in your future endeavours.

June has also been a fascinating month.  Gone are the days of waking up to the ever more intense performance management processes associated with working for one of the leading (and growing) professional services firms in the world.  Welcome to self-motivation, to unchartered territory and  to non-Corporate life (and all that brings)!

Notwithstanding the loss of the corporate umbilical cord, June highlighted a number of things to me:

  • I had the great pleasure of going to a number of other Partners’ retirement evenings.  Most notably David Owen’s and John Fotheringham’s, both of which were second to none.  These individuals have been two of the most inspiring people for whom anyone could have hoped to have worked
  • I was taken out for dinner by a Deloitte project team with whom I had the pleasure of working in 2013/2014 to deliver a major .com transformation.  The photographic audit trail of the evening has, I am led to believe, prompted much discussion, but only those who were there on the night really knew what happened!  This team, which spans most time zones in the world has been exemplary in every way and I thank them all individually for being kindred spirits and for their friendship
  • I went to the Deloitte Former Partners’ Association dinner at Lords and was reminded of the concept of stewardship.  There were so many generations of highly accomplished people present on the evening who have contributed to developing the Firm that I had the great pleasure to “inherit” and, in the fullness of time, I had the pleasure to pass on to the next generations.  I thank my predecessors for being the giants upon whose shoulders I stood for so many years



I’m taking time over the summer to work out which way is “UP”.  July is already underway and I intend to spend August in Trearddur Bay mixing with the sailing fraternity and all that entails.  I’ll also be able to wake up to spectacular views such as these:



September brings with it the new dawn – who knows what that will involve.

Here’s to the next era!

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