A walk to Rhoscolyn

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote on my blog, so I thought I would ease my way back into my stride by providing a quick update at the end of a very pleasant weekend at Eithin Bach.

The weekend started gently on Friday evening after the four hour train journey up from London.  I spent the first fifteen minutes or so unpacking the four cases of wine that had been delivered a couple of days before I arrived.  I settled on a very pleasant 2010 Fleur de Clinet (Pomerol) shortly after 6 o’clock (the official starting time) to kick the weekend off.


The weather on Saturday was sufficiently kind for us to take the new RIB out for a spin around the bay.  All went well, until a warning light and buzzer decided to alert me to the fact that something wasn’t quite right with the engine.  We returned to the mooring and later in the day, after consulting the manual, I concluded that the battery was not sufficiently charged!  Typical “first day out” snags.

Saturday evening brought with it a modest gathering at Eithin Bach involving 14 people around a table designed for only eight.  It was a bit of a squeeze, but better for it all the same and it’s what happens in Trearddur anyway.  We started to assemble from around 7:30pm and tucked into some fresh oysters to start.  The main course involved copious volumes of Vanessa’s beautifully prepared vegetables and a brace of Limousin fillets that I had secured from Valley Butcher’s earlier in the day.

I only had one job to do so far as the meal preparation was concerned and realised at 9pm that I had omitted to put the steak in the oven.  I decided to consult a number of our gathering about how long the steak should be cooked and rested, and I received an equal range of opinion.  The meal was finally served at around 10pm and was very pleasant, although the meat was cooked more than I had hoped.  Dinner ended in the early hours of Sunday after we had sampled wine from each of the four cases.  All were very pleasant and were drinking well, as was evidenced by the entrails in the bottle bins the following morning!

Sunday brought with it Force 6/7 winds and the sort of rain that features in North Wales on a regular basis, so the RIB was definitely out of bounds.  However, the day passed by very quickly and Bank Holiday Monday was soon upon us.

After spending Sunday indoors and with the weather on Monday being much better, we decided to take a short walk from The Lee Caravan Site round the coast to Rhoscolyn.  We met up with our neighbour Bunta and long-time companion Hector and headed off on our way.

The weather was kind and the the views did not disappoint, as they never do.  It was a very pleasant way to spend an hour or so of Bank Holiday Monday and to burn off just sufficient calories to justify the pint of Guinness that I quaffed after the event.

The rest of the day passed very quickly and we left Eithin Bach under a beautiful sunset at around 8:30pm to make the journey back to Cheshire.  Until the next time …

IMG_0434 IMG_0436 IMG_0438 IMG_0440 IMG_0443 IMG_0447 IMG_0455

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