A Windy Day in Carreglwyd

The train journey from London Euston to Holyhead (all four hours of it) on Thursday evening provided me with a good opportunity to tidy up the vast majority of the backlog of work that had built up in advance of the Christmas break.

I arrived at Holyhead railway station in good shape shortly after 9pm, took the ten minute taxi ride to Eithin Bach, dropped off my gear and walked “next door but two” to The Seacroft to join the group of friends I was going shooting with the following day.   The mandatory glass of red wine appeared immediately followed shortly by my dinner, which had been ordered by text message as I was en route.

Friday morning started promptly at 8:45 when I was picked up by Mark and George.  We collected three bacon butties from Trearddur Bay stores and then made our way to Carreglwyd in enthusiastic mood as is typically the case on days such as this.

The weather forecasts we had reviewed the preceding evening in the pub were pretty well spot on.  A Force 8 wind, gusting Force 10, with horizontal rain for much of the day.  The prospect of plenty of good sport, albeit with a limited bag, beckoned.

We did five drives before lunch – three pheasant, one duck and one partridge.  The latter proving to be very challenging given the weather conditions, so I was particularly chuffed to add one of the (four) partridges to the bag.  In keeping with tradition, we paused in between drives to sample various cocktails which included some vodka-based broth, Celtic mead, Champagne and various fruit-infused Gins.

We had a light lunch back at base, during which time I chatted with the Keeper and the Beaters – a well-spirited, friendly bunch indeed.

We did two further drives after lunch to close out the day, headed back home, cleaned the guns and settled down for a quiet evening before the busy days ahead.

A great day out.  One to be repeated.


  1. Looks like a great day! Check out my article of my first beaters day and let me know what you think? https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/59990624/posts/1319147729

    Im also due to write up my experiences as a beater for the first time this season, if you’re interested 🙂

    1. Pleased to hear that you are getting involved @Tooting Hustle. It’s great sport and good exercise too. I look forward to exchanging experiences. Please do keep in touch with rcporter.com. Best Richard

  2. Yes of course, it’d be great to keep in touch. Soon i’ll be posting a piece reflecting on my experiences beating for the first time from a non-shooting background. I hope you had a great season!

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