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What a Windfall!

I recall the day last October when I received an email from Andrew McIrvine, Admiral of The Royal Ocean Racing Club (The RORC), in which he provided me with details of the RORC Caribbean 600 race and a Yacht called “Silandra”.  Andrew had heard on the grapevine that I was keen to do the race and, in an […]

Not “just another day” lobster potting in Trearddur Bay

It was a typical Treaddur Bay day last Monday when we woke up.  The weather was fair and the wind was up, but not excessively so.  However, the sea state was such that the OOD raised the chequered flag to the top of the flagstaff to indicate that the two re-scheduled races for the day from […]

To sail or not to sail?

I slept well last Thursday night after spending a pleasant evening with my son Sam, and two of our good friends and neighbours, Andy and Bunta, here in Trearddur Bay. The evening was organised at short notice – the good ones usually are – and involved rustling up a respectable meal from what was in the […]

Note to self: I really do enjoy sailing. Oh, and mooring too!

As I sit here on the 17:10 Virgin train from London Euston to Holyhead (affectionately known as “The Vodka Express”), having dealt with the last entrails of my working week, I have time (well 3 hours 49 minutes to be precise) to reflect on the sailing achievements of last weekend to see what can be […]

Sanderling: Getting ready for the racing season

So, despite the pressures of work in London last week, I managed to keep Friday clear and instead of going into work, I headed off to Trearddur Bay in Anglesey for an extended weekend, with a very clear purpose.  That purpose was to launch Sanderling well in advance of the racing season at Trearddur Bay Sailing Club, […]