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Three Reds for Christmas

I’ve gone on quite a bit about cycling and sailing over the past few months, so I thought it was about time that I brought some balance back into my soliloquies and talked a bit about wine.  So here goes. I had the great pleasure to accompany one of my longest standing professional friends and […]

Sardinian Reds in Essex

So, when I was in the office earlier this week, a comment was made to me about the fact that I seem to be talking more about cycling than either wine or sailing. It seems only appropriate, therefore, that I redress this apparent imbalance. Next week sees the start of the sailing season in Trearddur […]

Building a wine font:

The more discerning of readers will already have picked up that I’m probably going to harp on endlessly about sailing, wine and cycling.  That is indeed my intention, but I don’t intend to limit the topics covered to these three alone.  Any one of the subjects can blend seamlessly into one of the others with […]