2014 is all done and 2015 is yet to happen! What a fantastic year we leave behind us with all of the ice bucket challenges, drinks of Champagne, wine rack replenishments and the like.  What an even more fantastic year lies before us, with the backlog of things we wished we had done in 2014 […]

I’ve gone on quite a bit about cycling and sailing over the past few months, so I thought it was about time that I brought some balance back into my soliloquies and talked a bit about wine.  So here goes. I had the great pleasure to accompany one of my longest standing professional friends and […]

It’s been a while since I last wrote on my blog and I apologise for that.  Too much going on at work and relatively little action in the sailing department have conspired against me providing the fortnightly updates that I wanted to make.  However, I went for a ride around a part of London last […]

It was a typical Treaddur Bay day last Monday when we woke up.  The weather was fair and the wind was up, but not excessively so.  However, the sea state was such that the OOD raised the chequered flag to the top of the flagstaff to indicate that the two re-scheduled races for the day from […]

I slept well last Thursday night after spending a pleasant evening with my son Sam, and two of our good friends and neighbours, Andy and Bunta, here in Trearddur Bay. The evening was organised at short notice – the good ones usually are – and involved rustling up a respectable meal from what was in the […]

As I sit here on the 17:10 Virgin train from London Euston to Holyhead (affectionately known as “The Vodka Express”), having dealt with the last entrails of my working week, I have time (well 3 hours 49 minutes to be precise) to reflect on the sailing achievements of last weekend to see what can be […]

So, when I was in the office earlier this week, a comment was made to me about the fact that I seem to be talking more about cycling than either wine or sailing. It seems only appropriate, therefore, that I redress this apparent imbalance. Next week sees the start of the sailing season in Trearddur […]